My Bucketlists Journal [ebook]

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Partying with complete strangers in Las Vegas, Waking up to hot air balloons in Turkey or Cherry Blossoms in Japan or Eating croissants in Paris..
All of us have a mental wish list of things we would like to do or like to experience once in our lives. What if we tell you that with the help of this book, you can take a step closer to your list?
It is a fact that when you write certain things down, you are making it more concrete. You are actually putting a formal note & sending it out in the universe and attracting it towards you.
Even if you don’t have anything specific in mind, this journal will help you find something that you would like to add to your life’s experiences. Go ahead & start exploring!

What do we have inside?

Close to 100 different prompts for the lists that you can make! From fun things like food and travel to serious businesses like career and side hustles, we've got you covered 100% here.

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