influencer-led shopping has a new destination!

Imagine if the world’s largest brands understood your needs and requirements like your friends do. Wouldn’t their products be the perfect fit for you then?

Now consider this. Your favourite influencers understand more about you than you’d know. They know what you like and dislike and they understand your problems with the products you find in the market. With, they can now bring you the products you truly need, as if your closest friends were building them for you. for Influencers: We are here to help you craft perfect products that reflect your philosophy and offer them under one roof to your virtual family. If you’d like to build your own line of products, get in touch with us and we’ll take it from there.

meet helly

Saheli started working as a Freelancer at 17. She has worked with several clients across the globe and has a YouTube Channel called HELLY where she posts content about Personal Development with the Power of Reading.

Through her work, Saheli hopes to inspire and guide people to live a financially independent life with the power of Online Careers and Businesses. Her Goal is to help people get employed with her guidance on utilizing Social Media and Online Job Opportunities to live the best life. 

We hope with her experience and guidance, you start Getting Paid for your Skills online!

meet our first influencer partner

Saloni Srivastava, a Bangalore based Youtuber and Instagrammer is known among her many subscribers for her motivating and relatable lifestyle content. 

She founded the youtube channel ‘Saloni Srivastava' in 2017 to create helpful content for everyone who has moved out into the world and is living on their own, dealing everyday with all the problems that come with it.

At, we are glad to partner with Saloni to bring to you her own line of products, which are true extensions of her content that you already love so much! 

First in the series of many more to come are a line of planners and journals designed specifically for millennials in mind. We truly hope you love the products just as much as our team does. Happy Shopping!

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