Dream Life Journal [ebook]

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Every morning when you wake up, how do feel? Do you feel driven by something? Do you look forward to doing what you do right now? How often do you really feel buoyant? What would you do if you had it your way and knew that you wouldn’t fail? What is the last thing on your mind before closing your eyes?

You need not answer all of these questions right away & precisely in the first shot, but surely you did find some food for thought, right? The purpose of this journal is to be your companion in this journey of chasing your dreams & ultimately living them. It is true what they say, it’s eventually all about the journey.

This 116-page journal is designed to help you discover your true potential & imagine how you want to lead your life, driven by your own purpose. Our aim is to help you identify your values & align them with your life goal.

Here's a quick index for you:

Chapter 1: Let’s Begin With Prioritizing!
Chapter 2: Dreaming Big!
Chapter 3: Looking Back & Reflecting!
Chapter 4: Discovering What You Love!
Chapter 5: Let Your Values Be Your Guiding Light!
Chapter 6: Who Are You Keeping Company?
Chapter 7: Starting to Design Your Dream Life!
Chapter 8: Defining your life-units!
Chapter 9: Life Units: Vision Boards!
Chapter 10: Dreams Bucket List: Refined!
Chapter 11: Prioritising your dreams!
Chapter 12: SMART Dreams!

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