Aspiring TEDx Speakers' Program

Rs. 999 Rs. 3,499

If you:

  • Like listening to TEDx speeches from speakers who push you to be better and do better.
  • Can lose hours listening to the tales of people from various walks of life and discover in them the unwavering fire with which to construct your own.
  • Had imagined telling a roomful of attentive listeners about your life while seated on a platform with a fancy microphone.

You might believe that it is a pipe dream that will always remain a pipe dream. Wrong.

There is a steadily growing demand for passionate speakers who can share their own life experiences. And now is the perfect time for you to jump on board and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Really, all you need to be is a thinker with a stash of original thoughts. Because you are ultimately cultivating an uplifting tale inside of you.

And let’s make this dream a reality! Join us today.



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