Stationery Essentials for your Mid-20s!

On reading the title, I am sure some of you might have gone "Stationery essentials for the mid-20s?! Really?"

Yes, just to put it out there, our mid-20s are an age where we are working, paying our own bills, doing our laundry, cooking our own food and many other boring tasks like that. With this kind of multi-tasking, it is totally obvious and okay to mess some things up sometimes. Here is where we need to understand that we need some kind of sorting and organizing to keep our sanity in check. Something that will really serve its purpose apart from being something pretty to look at. Below we have tried to list top 5 Stationery Essentials for your mid 20s that will make your life a bit more sorted and but more easy. 

  1. Planner: No points for guessing this one guys! A planner can change your entire organization game. There is so much happening in our lives & there is still so much we want to do, but often we end up missing or messing up some little things here & there. There comes in a planner where you can jot down your day, week, month & apparently your whole work schedule. Not just your work bits but you can also track your habits & mood! It might seem like an extra task if you are a newbie here, but once you get the hang of it & then when you get to check on your past week you will be surprised how much you can reflect on your own work! It gives you a feedback of your own & a completely different perspective of the things around. Now you can find a number of planners as per your utility in the stationery stores & even online that you can select as per your liking & budget. Also in the beginning you can keep it simple & as you grow fond of it, you can go ahead & get yourself something more engaging.
  1. Journal: Now imagine a half written book that has some guiding prompts, questions and exercises related to a specific area of your life say for example your finances, career, travel, work life balance etc. When we reach a certain age, all of us have some things figured out and some things are still vague. This is the reason why some of us feel the need for some professional help. I am not saying that writing a journal will equate a professional’s aid but it is so worth a shot. It will have questions that will guide your mind in ways as if someone is calling out answers from your within. There are all kinds of journals available in the market that can help you target particular areas in your life. We have launched four journals that carry different agendas with them, please find the link below and see what journal can help you the most. 
  1. Pen: Whatever that comes to your mind just get it out on paper. This clears your head & gives you more clarity on all your ideas. The whole idea is to go back to some things that we used to do as kids. If you will notice, it might be one of the reasons why we had better memory as children. It is because we wrote it down somewhere and may be read it a couple of times. Ensure that you have a couple of different colored pens. I personally love using Uniball pens & i have them in a number of colours! It works so smoothly, I will link those on Amazon, in case you want to check them out. 
  1. Markers: Again, one of my favorites things on my desk, is a highlighter. Now of course all of us know what a highlighter does, but what I am trying to highlight here is that it makes a content pop out from the rest & it gives you the exact feels or reminders when you come back to read it later. While reading a book, highlighting your favorite lines allows you to refresh the memories of the book & who doesn't love that! Also a well marked book helps you highlight the parts where you need to pay special attention. 
  1. White Board: It is scientifically proven that having a white board gives you a vision of all your plans which eventually helps you to imagine how can your work unfold. If you are a beginner, get yourself a small sized board & just start by writing your day’s or week’s agenda on the board & keep ticking them off your list once you are done with it. You will see that by the end of it, you will be oddly satisfied & also gives you a clear picture of what needs to be done next. If required, you can switch to a bigger board, if you feel like it. Link to the whiteboard that I purchased recently has been linked here.