YouTube Growth Mentorship with Saheli

Rs. 8,999

Do you dream of a life where you make money from your passions?

Do you want to influence thousands of lives and make a regular income in the process?

In 2016 I started my YouTube Channel. But it was 2018 January, I still had not reached 1000 subscribers. Fast forward to January 2019 – I had hit 100K subscribers and started making an average of 50,000 INR per month.

I was about to give up in 2018. But I realised, there is another thing needed if you want to monetise your passion. It’s called Strategy.

I started being strategic starting January 2018, that is why I got to 100K subscribers in one year. Currently, I am at 400K Subs and I make close to 1-2 lacs per month on YouTube using 4 income streams : 

  1. Brand Sponsorships
  2. Ads Revenue
  3. Selling my Own Digital Products
  4. Affiliate Revenue

 I’m ready to help you with my strategies and guidance- but you have to make sure you are ready to take action, get out of your comfort zone and build the three I’s – Influence, Income and Impact. Each session is personalized- which means I would be specifically catering to your needs depending on your personal goals. The session will be conducted on a video call so make sure you are comfortable with that. 


How will this call work?
1. Once you make the payment, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to schedule the call with Saheli.
2. Use the link to book a call in your preferred time slot. Make sure you are available for the call in that time slot.
3. After you book a slot, a calendar invite will be sent to you, and you will be set to speak with Saheli.
4. The only thing you should have is a Mobile/Laptop and an Internet Connection!

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