Jumpstart to Product Management Program + An Introduction to Product Management Ebook (Combo)

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Did you know: India will require 70 lakhs Product Managers in the next 10 years.

Yes, you heard that right.

And if you start today, you could be leading a few of them as well. Sounds exciting?

If you look around, you will find each industry undergoing a massive transformation. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence in almost each segment, Product Management as a career space will also witness some major shifts.

Hence, I have put in all the learnings and expertise that I have accumulated over the years while working at the best of companies, creating the best of products, to create this mini-course - Jumpstart to Product Management Program; that is value-packed and a good starting point for you to test the water out.

The ‘Jumpstart to Product Management Program’ takes you through

  • The landscape of the field of Product Management
  • Basics to Product Management
  • Evaluation: If you are a RIGHT fit for this field and if you have the SKILLS you require to become one
  • Valuable methods and concepts Product Managers ACTUALLY put into use
  • Understanding of all the Product Management Roles that exist in the country

I have especially created this e-book for you if you are serious about pursuing this career. And I promise you that this e-book will answer all the questions that must be running through your mind.

My Ebook ‘An Introduction to Product Management’ will:

  • Provide in-depth information of this upcoming field of Product Management
  • Explain the core concepts and its applications in real life scenarios
  • Guide you on how to make your way up in an up and coming role like that of a Product Manager

The book is divided into 7 modules wherein I have laid out the building blocks of Product Management for you –

  • 1: What is Product Management?
  • 2: History of Product Management
  • 3: What is the Role of a Product Manager?
  • 4: Product Development Process
  • 5: What is the Circles Method?
  • 6: Core Concepts of Agile
  • 7: What is MVP (Minimal Viable Product)?


BONUS: I've also included a handy checklist for you to build a killer Resume - to be all SET to step into the role of a Product Manager.

Are you READY?

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About Mansi Sanghavi

My name is Mansi Sanghavi, and I am a part of the Product Management world for the past eight years. I have had the opportunity to lead the development of products in the information technology and services industry. During this time, I acquired expertise 
in Web Integration, Platform Service, Project Coordination, Product Management, and Business Processes.

With the privilege to work with Aditya Birla group and Celigo inc to bring about digital transformation on web and mobile applications, I signed off as an Assistant Vice President, Axis Bank. Current


You can reach out to me here: customerservice.teammansi@gmail.com


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