Instagram Growth Mentorship with Saheli

Rs. 8,999


There are three primary ways to use Instagram to make money:

  1. Sponsorships From Brands, or Paid Shoutouts
  2. Selling Your Own Digital or Physical Products
  3. Selling Someone else’s products as an Affiliate

 I have made tens of thousands with affiliate marketing, about a lac with Brand Sponsorships….but…..

My favourite way to use Instagram Is to Sell Your Own Products or Services.

Last year, I launched my first product and made 3000INR in a week only using Instagram for Sales.

This Year, I launched my second product and made 1.5lacs in sales in two weeks.

Massive change right? I’m ready to share my strategies, tips and tricks to Instagram growth with you no matter which way or ways you want to grow and make revenue with Instagram.

Each session is personalized- which means I would be specifically catering to your needs depending on your personal goals. The session will be conducted on a video call so make sure you are comfortable with that. 


How will this call work?
1. Once you make the payment, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to schedule the call with Saheli.
2. Use the link to book a call in your preferred time slot. Make sure you are available for the call in that time slot.
3. After you book a slot, a calendar invite will be sent to you, and you will be set to speak with Saheli.
4. The only thing you should have is a Mobile/Laptop and an Internet Connection!

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