HustlePost Academy: Mini Course

Rs. 499
Raise Your Hand If..
  • Your time and budget are precious, and you want to make sure that HustlePost Academy is a great fit for you.

  • You feel that 7665/- is a big investment and you want to be 100% confident of the outcome.

  • You’re on the fence to join the academy, but you wish to experience what happens inside before you join in.

If you raised your hands on any of these, we get it.

Your money.  Your time.  Your effort. Are valued here.

And that’s the exact reason why we decided to give away the first module from HustlePost Academy’s Start Your Online Business Course to help you experience the insider environment.


And it's a no-brainer to join it. Why?

  • It gives you a deep understanding of what happens inside the academy.

  • It helps you know how Saloni teaches and what is the depth of each of our modules.

  • And, it assists you in deciding if HPA is worth your time and effort.

Also, even if you don’t join in, the trial course will help you build your bullet-proof business plan so that you can get started on your own too! 

Here's what the mini-course offers:

Class1: Finding your dream hustle

Class 2: Finding your passion

Class 3: Personal goal setting exercise

Class 4: Draft your business plan

Plus, you also get a special bonus! 

When you sign up for our mini-trial course, you will also get our students’ favorite class inside HPA on: “How to build a powerful and magnetic Personal Brand”

Within 24 hours of purchase, you would get the link to the courses with your own private password. DO NOT PANIC :)

IMPORTANT: Course Validity - 5days

So, are you ready to experience HPA?

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