Freelance 101 Academy

Rs. 8,999 Rs. 14,997
You have skills. Let me help you get Paid for them!

Do you want to be your own boss?
Do you want to make money doing things you love and working for great clients across the world?
Do you want to know which skills the market is ready to pay you for?
Do you want to fast track your journey to learn how I started making 1Lac+/month as a freelancer?

I am your girl! Hi, I'm Saheli and this year I have helped 500+ Students become a freelancer. My Top Students are currently Making over 50K per month as Freelancers in Writing, Marketing, Designing, Etc. I started this project to help people get employed during the pandemic, and right now I have a proven blueprint to success as a freelancer, thanks to all the things I learnt while helping my students getting clients.

If you have always wanted to be a freelancer, but did not know exactly how to do it - this course will take you step by step from identifying your skills, packaging them into monetizable services and getting clients who actually pay you for them!

This course Launches in June 2021 - And will be 3 months long.

It covers 5 Modules :

Module 1: Basics of Freelancing
Module 2: First Steps To Get Started
Module 3: Get Clients Online
Module 4: Client Onboarding
Module 5:  High Paying Clients


Every weekend there is a Live Q/A session where you will-

  • Get to learn about  new topics

  • Directly ask me your questions 

  • Get personalized solutions for your problems

  • Discuss all your queries with me 


You will have access to the VIP Facebook group of Freelance 101 Academy where-

  • You will get exclusive support from my team 

  • You can post all your queries in the group whenever you face any problems 

  • All your queries will be solved within 24 hours 

  • You can share your little to big achievements 

  • You can share your stories of reaching milestones and get rewards and surprises 

  • Interact and network with other students in Freelance 101 Academy 


As a student of Freelance 101 Academy you will get my first 6 Masterclasses for free- that means you can learn highly-profitable specific skills within this Academy without having to invest in other courses.


#No Refunds

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