Info Product Masterclass

Rs. 997 Rs. 2,499

Scale Your Business and Make Money Beyond Your Working Hours by Creating Info-Products - in 7 DAYS or Less


You need to package your knowledge into a Digital Product - popularly known as Info-Products.  There’s Many Benefits of Creating Info-Products :

  1. Info products are low cost to create but higher costs to buy - means huge profit margins for you.
  2. It is also very easy to sell them online- there’s a lot of crap online and genuine useful Info is hard to find. That’s exactly why people are buying more Info-Products than ever!
  3. You can stop trading your time for money. Sell to one or sell to many - the time investment remains the same for you. The profits? EXPONENTIAL.


Why Sign Up To Learn From Me? Well, Creating Info-Products has allowed me :

  1. Hit 50 Lacs in revenue in less than 6 months, while having plenty of time left for my other ventures and even to watch Netflix!
  2. Impact 1000+ people instead of a just handful- in a year!
  3. Increase my rates in my Freelance career as well since my Info-Products establish me as an authority.


You should absolutely put a price on your time! But Time is always limited. Info-Products are scalable, allowing you to make more money than ever possible with direct or 1:1 services.

By the end of Info-Product Masterclass, You would have mastered what took me 3 years to learn and apply - in less than 3 hours. 

Use the link mentioned in the Welcome kit to access the course.


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