Copywriting Masterclass

Rs. 1,499 Rs. 2,499

Did you know that Top Copywriters charge $200-$500 to write a single ad copy, and thousands of dollars to craft email sequences and landing page copies?

Each Email, Facebook Ad, or Landing Page has one purpose: To make money. They use words to Communicate their offer- and if the communication is well done using powerful words- they make money. As a copywriter- you do the communication using your words.

Copywriting is the #1 skill that distinguishes successful businesses from unsuccessful ones.

Yes, the way you craft your messaging can influence sales by lakhs or thousands of dollars! Businesses are happy to invest in copywriters. They just want powerful copy that makes them money! If you can be the person to provide them that compelling copy that makes their customers BUY - You will be paid- pretty heavily.


How do you even write Compelling Copy?

How do you get clients for your Service?

How do you work for your clients and ensure they benefit from your Copy?

If these are your burning questions… I got you covered!

I’m a Student of Copywriting with a $50,000 launch and 3 Wildly Profitable Marketing Campaigns under my belt in my achievements: and I credit that solely to my copywriting skills. Yes, I have had 600+ “students” but I don’t call myself a coach or a mentor: because I believe we’re all students- some with more experience than others. So I don’t teach- I learn. And then I share it with you.

Imagine if 2 months from now you were making money, working from home whenever you wanted, and getting paid heavily by people that value you for your masterful skill of Copy? That’s what I can help you with. 

This one-time investment will probably generate income for you for years, if not a lifetime. This pricing is a steal - grab your seat now.


#No refunds

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